Judging from experience and observation, one of the easiest and most effective ways to pass understanding of whatever subject – An idea, topic, course, or objectives is through visual/graphical representation. This means of communication inspires more interest which results to deeper insight gained by the observer.
Prime Art Collection is geared towards imparting to you, a deep understanding that gives an enlightened perception towards spiritual, personal and societal challenges and occurrences by means of graphical illustration. Its simple, yet rich and insightful illustrations enlighten and edify you in living a free and purpose driven life which is ultimately everyone’s deep desire.

As part of our services, we also collect personal requests to graphically illustrate any concept that might have been inspired from life experience or revelation. We are certain that you will continually draw inspiration and ever unfolding wisdom from our works.

Ochei Nonso Patrick
founder PAC

Patrick is a Pastor, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. His works are inspired mostly from meditating on Bible scriptures and inspirational materials.He has a jovial personality and is a deep lover of peace.